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Health Coaching and Immune System Research

In-person in Portland, Oregon; or by phone from anywhere

Health coaching gives you a global understanding of your health problems, what's keeping you sick, and what to do about it. To obtain a deep understanding of your problem, we sit down together one-on-one in your own home at a time convenient for you and do a deep and thorough review of your Health issues over time. We then put together a carefully tailored program including simple but carefully selected diet, exercise, and supplement adjustments that will stop the decline.

No more searching alone for answers. If you have an unusual illness that doesn't fit the norm, too often you end up slipping through the cracks of traditional healthcare, leaving you to find the answers on your own. This can be an incredibily frustrating and daunting task. I lend you my scientific background and experience to help you find answers. We sit down at your own kitchen table, think through the problem, and together we find the answers you need.

Feel in control and no longer at the mercy of your health care providers. I'll translate the mumbo-jumbo of medicine and science into plain english for you, empowering you to make intelligent, informed decisions about your health.

Overcome the frustration and helplessness of not being able to get better. Most mysterious illnesses are really a result of multiple genetic, environmental, and lifestyle components coming together to bring us down. I work directly with you to identify the factors that are making your problem worse and help you to create new habits that will help you feel better again.

Bridge the gulf between traditional and holistic healthcare and learn what to ask for from your health care providers. Both traditional and holistic healthcare have their place in getting you to feeling your best. To create the ideal strategy, we sit down together and really study the problem. This allows us to put together a concrete plan of action so that you know exactly what to ask for, from whom, and why.

No more confusion and guesswork - Get specific, accurate, plain english answers to your health care questions. I do my scientific research in person at our own Oregon Health Sciences University library. So you can be sure you're getting the most up-to-date information available. I can take your questions in person, or over the phone from where ever you are and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

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