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All About Jaimie M. Warren, Ph.D., RN; and Ushas

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Dr. Jaimie M. Warren and Ushas
Ushas (Pronounced "Oo-shus") means "to dawn, to awake, or to know."   It was the name of a beloved dog of mine who  passed on in 1998.  She featured prominently in my decision to create Ushas.
Jaimie Warren & Ushas

My interest in chronic health problems grew out of my personal experience.  I have been plagued by autoimmune problems since I was a child.  My problems are mostly skin problems.  I have had contact dermatitis to all material except cotton and leather since I was born.  Lots of steroid creams and itchy skin.  I've been lucky that my conditions have not been life-threatening, but being drawn to others with autoimmune disorders I've seen friends die or become functionally crippled by their diseases.

As I progressed along my educational path I started using my new skills in analysis and experimentation to troubleshoot my own skin problems, which, by the time I started graduate school, had become extreme. Through a series of discoveries, I finally found the specific nutritional, exercise, lifestyle changes, and natural hormonal adjustments that were the key to clearing up my health problems.  Encouraged by this success, I began to help friends troubleshoot their problems, and when this went well, I moved on to clients.

It never ceases to amaze me how the right kind of analysis and resulting simple, corrective steps can truly change the lives of so many.  I've worked with friends and clients with such problems as lupus, Crohn's disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, and mysterious symptoms for which medical doctors were unable to provide diagnoses.  What I've found is that autoimmunity is really a blanket term and each case is unique.  For this reason, every individual's path to better health will be unique as well.  I developed a method of analyzing patterns in an individual's health history to find the starting point for the process of reversing the downward spiral of autoimmunity.

It should be noted here that I am a research scientist and not a medical doctor.  Throughout our work together I depend on the medical evaluation of your personal physician and the specialized information health care professionals can provide through medical testing.  I do not diagnose or prescribe, but coach, and all Ushas, Inc. services are designed to complement and build upon, not replace, your other medical and wellness care treatments.  In fact, the more detailed information you obtain from your doctor about your condition, the more resources we have to create an effective strategy and develop a program that will work for you.

As a molecular biologist, I have conducted research and published in refereed journals in the fields of immunology, exercise science, nutrition, physiology, and genetics.  In addition, as an experienced personal exercise trainer and instructor, I have worked with hundreds of students and clients in a practical, down-to-earth way.  I've learned to use the same down-to-earth approach to tie the science into my health coaching, making even the most complex scientific ideas accessible to the nonscientist.


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Formal Education -

B.S.N. in Nursing 2007 Linfield College.

Registered Nurse, 2008, State of Oregon

Ph.D in Genetics, 2000.

The University of Georgia, Athens

M.A. in Physical Education, 1990.

The University of California, Berkeley

B.A. in Physical Education, 1987 and B.A. in Psychology, 1987.

The University of California, Berkeley

Experience -

Providence Health and Services
Cardiology RN/Relief Charge
Certified Progressive Critical Care Certified PCCN

Providence Health and Services 
Registered Nurse - Med-Surg Floor Nurse
Medical-Surgical Certified-CMSRN)

Research Molecular Biologist
United States Department of Agriculture
Western Human Nutrition Research Center
The University of California, Davis

Jaimie Warren, Ph.D.

NIH Graduate Student Trainee
Genetics, Molecular and Cellular Mycology
The University of Georgia, Department of Genetics

Personal Fitness Trainer
Athens, Georgia

Physical activity instructor:  Martial arts, self-defense
The University of Georgia, Athens

Self-defense instructor
San Francisco Bay Area

Physical activity instructor:
Tae kwon do, weight training, aerobics, general conditioning
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A Selection of My Scientific Papers -

Warren, J.M. , V.A. Simon, G. Bartolini, K.L. Erickson, and D.S. Kelley. 2003. Trans -10, cis -12 CLA decreases adipose tissue lipids in mice: Possible roles of specific lipid metabolism genes. Lipids , 38, 497-504.

Pedersen, S.F., King, S.A., Rigor, R.R., Zhuang, Z., Warren, J.M. , and Cala, P.M. 2003. Molecular cloning of NHE1 from winter flounder RBCs: activation by osmotic shrinkage, camp, and calyculin A. American Journal of Cellular Physiology , 284: C1561-C1576.

D.S. Kelley, J.M. Warren , V.A. Simon, G. Bartolini, B.E. Mackey, and K.L. Erickson. 2002. Similar effects of c 9, t 11-CLA and t 10, c 12-CLA on immune functions in mice. Lipids , 37(7): 725-728.

Warren, J.M., V.A. Simon, G. Bartolini, K.L. Erickson, and D.S. Kelley. 2002. Differential transcript levels in mice fed highly pure CLA isomers. FASEB Journal . 16(4): A263-A264 Part I.

Dishman, R.K., J.M. Warren , S. Hong, B.N. Bunnell, E.H. Mougey, J.L. Meyerhoff, L. Jaso-Friedmann, and D.L. Evans. 2000. Treadmill exercise training blunts suppression of splenic natural killer cell cytolysis after footshock. Journal of Applied Physiology. 88(6): 2176-2182.

Covert, S. F., A. Zwart, and J.M. Warren . 1997. Differential gene transcription in galled and asymptomatic tissues of loblolly pine infected with Cronartium quercuum f. sp. fusiforme. TAPPI Proceedings: 1997 Biological Sciences Symposium. 93-98.

Evans, D.L., J.H. Leary III, J.M. Warren , and L. Jaso-Friedmann. 1996. Mapping of the epitope recognized by nonspecific cytotoxic cells: Determination of the fine specificity using synthetic peptides. Scandinavian Journal of Immunology 43: 556-565.

Dishman, R.K., J.M. Warren , S.D. Youngstedt, H. Yoo, B.N. Bunnell, E.H. Mougey, J.L. Meyerhoff, and D.L. Evans. 1995. Activity-wheel running attenuates suppression of natural killer cell activity after footshock. Journal of Applied Physiology 78(4): 1547-1554.

Jaso-Friedmann, L., J.H. Leary III, J.M. Warren , and D.L. Evans. 1995. Peptide mapping of the epitope on target cells recognized by nonspecific cytotoxic cells (NCC) from channel catfish. Journal of Fish Biology 47(Suppl. A): 95-102.

Bredemeier, B.J.L., G.S. Desertrain, L.A. Fisher, D. Getty, N.E. Slocum, D.M. Stephens, and J.M. Warren. * 1991. Epistemological perspectives among women who participate in physical activity. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology 3: 87-107.

*As noted in the manuscript, all authors contributed equally to this publication.
Some of My Interests and Skills -

Jaimie Warren, kayaker   Martial Arts:
     Kenpo karate
(1st degree black belt)
     Tae kwon do
(2nd degree black belt)
     Tai chi ch'uan
     Shorinji ryu karate

Ocean Kayaking
Rock Climbing
Weight Lifting
Meditation / Yoga
Dog Training

  doberman puppies



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